FREE DVD: Discover Powerful Insights Into Buying Distressed Properties Up To 40% Below Market Value… In Australia! - Zadel Property Education

ominique Grubisa is one of the few Elite Professionals with the knowledge and legal experience to help you snap up highly lucrative distressed deals in real estate, and create a near-impenetrable barrier surrounding your wealth and assets.

Whether you’re a home owner or property investor, by watching this DVD, you’ll discover key tips to:

Buying property at a discount:

  • Ideas to secure properties up to 10-30% below market value in Australia...
  • Insights into how you can secure great deals with potentially none of your own money...
  • How you can avoid some of the most common errors first-time investors make...
  • Why Dominique believes the current market is so great for buying distressed real estate...
  • How it’s possible to replace part or all of your income with this strategy...
  • Creative ways to find distressed properties that you may not have previously thought of...
  • How you can turn a hobby and helping people into a full-time career in property investment...
  • The difference between mortgagee repossessions and foreclosures…
  • How you can achieve all of the above with an ethical and morally sound approach...
  • And much, much more...

So what are you waiting for? This DVD may be your solution to discovering 'Quick And Little-Known Tactics For Picking Up Distressed Properties At Up To 10-30% Below Market Value!'.

Check out the results below that two of Dominique’s graduates have secured...

Imagine getting results like this... how much faster could you accelerate your portfolio?

Imagine: not having to scrimp and save and worry about paying the bills
not having to work a job you don’t like
living life on your terms, in control of your own time...

Well imagine no more, take action now, order the DVD and start the process of making this a reality.

But hurry… there's only 175 DVDs left in stock (after that I can't guarantee a timely delivery).

After registering your details, your free DVD will be rushed to you at no cost or obligation. No sales person will subsequently call.

*This offer is available for Australian addresses only while stocks last. There is a limit of one Free DVD per household.


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