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“What if you could spend time with EIGHT of the most successful entrepreneurs in Australia, and get instant access to their astonishing, step-by-step shortcut secrets for creating financial freedom inside and outside the property market this year?"

Would YOU be interested?

Then make sure to grab your free seat right now for what is probably the best Property And Cashflow Conference... EVER.

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Why is this year's Property and Cashflow Conference so special?

As you may know – a BIG part of my mission here at Zadel Property Education is creating financially free Australians. I’m always looking for new and innovative ways to make that happen.

There are many new ways to make money in property and outside property that have come on stream in the last year... so I have gathered 8 of the very best teachers together whose money making strategies I BELIEVE TO BE THE BEST IN THIS COUNTRY.

You’ll meet them in just a second...

First of all – let me re-assure you...

You can become wealthy — once you know the proven strategies wealthy people are using already....

It really is a crazy and unfair world out there...

On one hand, there are people who bust their proverbial behinds working year after year... slaving away for bosses and managers who don’t appreciate them... to earn a wage that does little more than pay the bills.

On the other hand, there are those who seem to have found a better way.
I’m talking about people who live life on their own terms.

They’re people who have all the money they need, yet they seem to work when they want to... where they want to. What’s more, they have all the free time in the world to travel... to spend with their kids... to lower their golf scores... to really enjoy life. You may know some of these people.

My guess is... you’d like to be just like them.

And NOW you can. Just copy the proven strategies for success which my mastermind team will give you.

Check out the results below...

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No Bosses, No Commute

Working a fraction of the hours you do now is a real possibility with the right money-making strategy for creating cashflow inside or outside property.

FACT: making a year’s salary in a matter of weeks is more than possible.

Kissing goodbye to your daily commute and working yourself silly to put money in your bosses bank account can be a thing of the past.

Taking time out to spend with your family, taking walks, and even early retirement are all possible with you have the right cashflow strategy.

WARNING!! The way people make money today
is changing is changing rapidly... don’t get left behind...

Old Ways Of Making Money In Property Can Leave You Dead Broke!

If you’re relying on “buy & hold” strategies or “negative gearing” you’re not harnessing the massive potential there is out there to make money in property quickly and easily.

One of our experts specialises in ‘rapid renovation’ of property so you can make a profit in record time when renovating... More on that in just a second.

Perhaps you have been stuck before or are stuck in the negative gearing trap right now? That’s when the cost of maintaining your property investment is more than the income you’re generating from it.

Sounds crazy right? But many courses teach these principles.

Not us though.

This “buy, hold, hope and pray” strategy is way outdated and probably not going to serve you in today’s economy – where you don’t need to rely on the market going up to make a profit.

With the right tactics and technique in your tool box, you can realise profits in property no matter what the market is doing... and you simply won’t find these experts sharing their strategies in the one place, at the one time, anywhere else... EVER!

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Job security is vanishing... smart Australian’s everywhere are creating life-changing cashflow and ditching their 9-5 jobs – Will YOU join them?

According to the Guardian: "Young Australians are facing revolutionary obstacles to job security."

Experts say that more than half of young Australians are studying occupations that are likely to be wiped out in a global automated economy.

Jobs are disappearing in a huge range of industries that we once took for granted as long-term prospects.

Remember Milkmen? And Switchboard Operators?

Is your job next?

You can take action right now to protect yourself

Australians everywhere are making money in all sorts of ways outside their regular 9-5 job. Some are using our unique property investment strategies... some are using other powerful cashflow generation strategies.

They are leveraging their skills and personal interests to make money in all sorts of new and wonderful ways.

After researching many of the people teaching these methods, myself and my team have come up with EIGHT of the best people out there to maximise your chances of success and financial freedom.

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Stuart Zadel - Best Selling Author and CEO Zadel Property Education

Who am I and WHY should you listen to me?

I’m Stuart Zadel – CEO of Zadel Property Education and best-selling author of "The New Way to Make Money in Property Fast!" My mission and passion in life is to bring financial awareness and freedom into YOUR life. And we do this by giving you FREE access to some of the top Australian wealth creation specialists available today.

Yes – the information is FREE and you can use it immediately to make money or to get out of debt.

And YES of course – should you desire to learn more... to grow your profit potential even further... you’ll have that opportunity at the 2-Day event.

Now in our 10th year in business, we’ve been on the go since 2007... and have educated more than 50,000 attendees LIVE on ways to earn their fortune through smart property investment tactics and other powerful cashflow strategies.

‘My mission in life is to help you succeed’

My mission and passion in life is to inspire people like you to have greater abundance and choices. The experts you’ll meet at the event have a similar passion to mine – to help you succeed!

It's TRUE. In many cases,they have created monster-sized fortunes in their lives and are now passionate about sharing their knowledge with others.

Some of our other goals here at Zadel Property Education include being able to:


Inspire A Community Of 1,000 Financially Abundant Australians – Will You Be Next?

Inpired 100,000 people

Inspire 100,000 People Live At Our Events - 67,229 (as of February 2017)

book distibution

Inspire Through The Distribution Of 1,000,000 Books - 601,989 (as of February 2017)

Worthwhile cause

Inspire The Contribution Of $1,000,000 To Worthwhile Causes - $459,191 (as of February 2017)

Tree Planting

Inspire The Planting Of 1,000,000 Trees In Australian Soil - 45,198 planted (as of February 2017)

By attending this event you’ll automatically be helping me towards my goals and in return, I believe I can add massive value to your life.

If you can relate to any of the following, this life-changing event is for YOU if...

  • YOU ARE a complete newbie looking to create financial freedom through real estate investing
  • YOU ARE open to look at other ways to create cash flow in your life outside of property
  • YOU ARE an existing property investor looking to increase your profits with low risk/high yield strategies
  • YOU HAVE lost money investing before or made very little and want to make your next deal highly profitable
  • YOU WANT to escape the negative gearing trap, free yourself from debt & create financial freedom for you and your family
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Meet The Experts Who Are About To Transform
Your Finances And Lifestyle FOREVER...

 NAOMI FINDLAY ‘Internationally Renowned Renovation Expert’


Australia’s Rapid Renovation Expert, Naomi Findlay, is an internationally renowned renovator, award-winning property stylist, and Interior Designer.

A resident expert on and a featured property expert on Australia's largest interiors blog plus expert on one of the country's leading Reno sites alongside reality TV personality Baz Dubois (The Living Room), Naomi is a widely recognised contributing author and guest expert in various print and digital media outlets.

Naomi Findlay has been a part of more than 110 renovation projects and currently works with over 200 home owners each year to create beautiful, healthy and wealthy spaces using her Rapid Renovation Formula™ to maximise the value of their properties for sale or rent.

During this highly informative session, Naomi Findlay will reveal:

Red Tick The 7-steps in Naomi’s winning Rapid Renovation Formula™ with specific and important tips for each.
Red Tick Discover why renovating old properties can boost your property investment portfolio faster than traditional ways.
Red Tick How to practically guarantee a profit every time you renovate by targeting the correct suburbs with low risk renovation.
Red Tick Naomi’s 6 top money-making interior design colour schemes and why you should not risk using out-dated colours in today’s rapidly changing property market!
Red Tick ‘Space Medicine Technology’ – this groundbreaking concept is so powerful that buyers and renters will have no idea why they want to pay more!
Red Tick ‘The Sweet Spot’ – never again overspend or underspend on a project, and ensure you optimise the right amount of work for maximum
Red Tick ‘Styling Your Property’ – the almost magical way to sell your finished renovation for the highest price possible.
Red Tick And much, much more!

Naomi as seen on:

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Discover how to build real wealth by "automatically" accumulating positive cashflow properties year after year.

At 22 years of age, Mark Rolton, a builder by trade, was young and broke. To be precise, over $430,000 in the red plus had credit card debt up to the eyeballs. But then he discovered how to do this one particular kind of deal, Property Options. When he first tried it, he made $42k in a little over a day and a half!

So he started looking for other deals, and within a short time, he had completed $1 million in earnings in just over 30 days! And he did all that with no deposit, no bank loan, and no stamp duty. In fact, he never even settled the property!

That one deal turned his life around. It paid his debt, and above all, it allowed him to start living in a new direction.

Mark has since dedicated his professional life to property, and is often referred too as the number one authority in Australia on Property Options. Due to this recognition, Mark developed an education arm that now teaches others how to generate wealth through property.

As a charismatic speaker, Mark Rolton delivers his wide knowledge on property in easy to understand concepts, that can be understood by both novices and sophisticated investors alike.

In this content-rich session, Mark reveals...

Red Tick Ways to potentially replace your income in equity each year.
Red Tick How it's possible to retire on passive income and enjoy life.
Red Tick His pro tips on ways to unlock instant equity in a property and maximise your capital growth.
Red Tick The best markets to tap for maximum profits over the next 3 years - "equity ripe for picking".
Red Tick Insights into the step-by-step process of building a staggering property portfolio just like the ‘Super-Rich’.
Red Tick 'Depreciation = Cashflow'. What you’ve misunderstood about money in your pocket.
Red Tick How to better understand best industry practices to legally slash your tax bill each year.
Red Tick What your 'LVR' should be and how you might avoid mortgage insurance.
Red Tick Pro methods of renting your properties in 24 hours.
Red Tick How you could live debt-free off your property portfolio.
Red Tick And so much more!

* Please note that Mark will only be appearing at the UPCC Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth events.

BOB ANDERSEN Mr. Billion Dollar Developer


Bob is a heavyweight in the property industry, with well over 30 years of experience in development, finance and investment with some of Australia’s largest development companies.

Bob has been involved in over $1 billion dollars worth of property projects in Australia including apartments, townhouses, commercial buildings, retirement complexes, and student accommodations. You name it, he’s built it.


In this eye-opening session, Bob will pull back the curtain to reveal:

Red Tick His easy-to-follow P.R.O.F.I.T Formula for profitable property development.
Red Tick How more and more women are breaking the ‘glass ceiling’ by embracing the powerful leverage in adding ‘higher and better use’ to land for optimal profits.
Red Tick How to effectively ‘buy property wholesale’ all day long as a developer and how it gives you near-ultimate control over how and when you pay tax.
Red Tick The typical margin profits and timeframes you can expect as a new developer.
Red Tick The two key skills you must possess to be successful in this world and the startling revelation that you probably already possess them.
Red Tick And much, much more!

Bob as seen on:

Bob As seen on media logo
JOHN LINDEMAN Master Australian Property Market Analyst


John is the go-to guy and the ‘Master Researcher’ that many of Australia’s property experts go to for information on the housing industry. With over 10 years of experience as a leading market researcher and analyst; 40 years as a property investor; and over 5 years as the official research columnist for the Australian Property Investor Magazine, it’s no wonder.

John is in a class of his own when it comes to understanding how the Australian property market actually works. He’ll pull back the curtain and show what you really need to know to determine if a property is a good buy by looking intelligently at the market.

In this content-rich session with John, you’ll discover:

Red Tick How to predict the Boom and Bust Suburbs of 2017 and beyond, the John Lindeman Way.
Red Tick The ‘hidden boom’ going on right now that almost nobody is talking about, and how you can profit from it (before everybody else catches on).
Red Tick The TRUTH as he slaughters many Sacred Cow property myths, including ‘property doubles every 8 years,’ ‘never, never sell’ and ‘time in the market, over timing the market.’
Red Tick How John topped the list in API’s Top 100 future Boom Suburb price predictions list for two years running and how that humbled every other ‘expert.’
Red Tick Exactly how you can predict the future growth for any suburb in Australia, including the supply/demand ratio that John uses to determine if a suburb is stressed, buyer market, seller market, or booming!
Red Tick In 2014, John predicted the imminent boom in Hay, NSW, which doubled within 12 months. It’s money-making predictions like this that built John’s sterling reputation.
Red Tick And much, much more!

John as seen on:

John As seen on media logo
Liz and Matt Raad - Website Investor and Online Entrepreneurs


Discover how to buy cash-generating websites and build a portfolio of valuable online Real Estate with Liz and Matt.

We both know that property investment is a great way to create profits and passive cashflow, and so is buying and selling websites.

Buying and selling websites is just like buying and selling property really. After all – it’s an asset that you acquire and sell on for a profit... only you can do it with a lot less money up front (less than a hundred dollars is all takes to start)... and you can sell websites a lot quicker – when you know what you are doing.

Matt and Liz are EXPERTS at creating a life-changing passive income from simple strategies for buying, renovating and selling websites – and they have condensed all their knowledge of how to buy and sell websites for profit into an easy-to-follow formula that anyone can use – regardless of experience.

During this highly educational session, Liz and Matt will reveal:

Red Tick Insights into their step-by-step system on how to buy and renovate websites for cashflow.
Red Tick Why this is the perfect time to take advantage of this opportunity to profit from buying and selling websites... and how you’ll kick yourself if you miss it!
Red Tick Which websites to buy, how to value them, and how to do your due diligence.
Red Tick EXACTLY where you can buy highly valuable websites and how you can buy them. Even if you don’t even know how to switch on a computer.
Red Tick The 3 simple steps they use to renovate them and how to pay them off quickly so you can buy more!
Red Tick The three things you need to look out for in any website if you want to make a profit from it. You’ll start to see these characteristics everywhere when you know what to look for.
Red Tick How buying and selling websites is just like buying and selling property for cash – only a lot quicker and easier.
Red Tick And much, much more!
Sam Cawthorn - Master of Communication For Success


Discover how to position yourself and get paid as a speaker!

If you want to be successful in your business or personal life - you need to know how to communicate effectively. Sam Cawthorn is the master communicator who can show you exactly how to reach peak performance levels.

Sam is a pioneer of the famous ‘bounce forward’ movement which is about moving to a new and better place after setbacks and failures. This is a message he has shared with Fortune 500 companies and elite-level businesses worldwide from high profile stages. It’s a unique and powerful message that has likely impacted the lives of thousands of people.

Sam used his ‘bounce forward’ concept to recover from a life-changing accident in 2006 where he lost his right arm and sustained life-changing injuries to his leg. After the doctors told him he would never walk again – he went onto take his first steps a year later. He has gone on to share the stage with leading world figures including a past Australian Prime Minister.

Sam is also a youth futurist, owner of the world’s most advanced bionic arm, and one of the few people in the world to play guitar with an above elbow amputation.

In this motivation session Sam will reveal...

Red Tick The real reason why you need to master the art of communication if you want to succeed in life and business. Ideal for property owners, business owners and even mums and dads.
Red Tick What separates great communicators and the amazing results they get from others and how to be one of them – even if you have no experience.
Red Tick Exactly how to stand out from the noise in your business - get noticed - and get paid!
Red Tick The 4 crucial elements of any successful business. I guarantee you have not heard all of these before and you ABSOLUTELY need to hear them.
Red Tick The 5 vitally important elements of any communication you have in business if you want to grab people’s attention and maximise your sales and profit. Works no matter what business you are in.
Red Tick 6 communication mistakes that ruin your presentation and message. You are probably making 3 of these errors right now.
Red Tick How to find your unique positioning and message in your market so people pay attention to you and you can make more money
Red Tick How to ‘disrupt’ the market you are in so people start to pay attention to what you are doing and want to do business with you.
Red Tick And much, much more!
STUART ZADEL Bestselling Author and Wealth Educator


With more than 22 years of successful business experience, few people have more ‘runs on the board’ in this industry than Stuart. From being a successful gym owner to wealth educator, Stuart has personally educated more than 50,000 attendees at his events since 2007.

A best-selling author, publisher, business and life coach, inspiring leader and mentor, public speaker, health expert, Director of Zadel Property Education and real-world 'doer', Stuart is the creator of the Ultimate Property & Cashflow Conference – a unique event inspiring thousands of Australians to greater success.

Over the course of the event, Stuart will demonstrate to you:

Red Tick Exactly what is ‘The New Way To Make Money In Property Fast!’ and how it can massively tilt the odds in your favour whilst reducing your risks at the same time.
Red Tick The 5 essential, yet overlooked, elements to real success in all areas of your life. Which ones are you missing?
Red Tick The 6 specific ‘commodities’ you want to buy in the marketplace to drastically accelerate your wealth accumulation plan.
Red Tick The ONE thing it takes to be wealthy - what 94% of the population have got wrong - and the startling realisation on why you’re likely not wealthy already.
Red Tick Stuart’s #1 Success Secret, distilled from 22 years of business and life experience. Do this and you’ll win; don’t and you’ll know there’s no success without it.
Red Tick A BRAND NEW, never-before-seen session where I reveal "The Game of Wealth In 7 Steps"...
Red Tick And a FINAL closing session you won’t forget in a long time!

Stuart as seen on:

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But Stuart: I’m not sure I have time to attend this event.
Well OK, maybe you’re busy right now and find it hard to get away. I totally get that. But let me ask you this... if not now – when? The clock is ticking. When are you going to step up and arm yourself with the right strategies for success? When are you going to claim the life you truly deserve?

REMEMBER... these 2 days are free. It’s a massive value exchange in your favour. This exact line up of experts may not be available again ever.

But Stuart: I don’t have a formal education or any business experience. Will these strategies work for me?
Absolutely YES. You do NOT need any experience to make these strategies work for you.

But Stuart: I don’t have any money right now to invest in property.
Don’t worry. You’ll discover how to invest in property with none of your own money down in some cases. Simply come along and find out how you can make this happen... REMEMBER: this information is free.

But Stuart: How do I know these strategies will work for me?
The strategies we teach at the event are designed so that anyone can use them regardless of experience – starting with the experts who ‘practice what they preach’ each day.

But Stuart: I’m not interested in what’s happening in other countries! Are these strategies unique to Australia?
Absolutely Yes – these strategies are specially designed for the Australian market. They are NOT generic global property investment tactics.

But Stuart: I have bought property before: Will I learn anything new here?
Short answer – YES! Even if you’ve heard of our strategies before, I can guarantee you these are unique and will offer something new to You. You’ll be glad you came.

But Stuart: Don’t I need experience in property investment or at least to know about building?
Absolutely not! In fact you can have a distinct advantage coming in with a fresh outlook and no bad habits or attitudes.

This works for anyone...

It doesn't matter if you have experience or not – the Property and Cashflow strategies you will discover at this conference work for anyone.

As long as you can follow some simple instructions you will be on your way to a new life of freedom, wealth and security.

Just picture how good that would feel now.

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Everything you need to know about wealth creation inside and outside property has been condensed into this conference...

Over the 2 days of the Ultimate Property and Cash Conference 2017, you will see more top level strategies for wealth creation than ever before.

Whether you are looking for brand new ways to make money in property or you want to explore some amazing cash flow strategies that will blow your mind with how simple and profitable they are bound to find something that appeals to you.

Go it alone and you’ll end up confused and frustrated

If you want financial freedom through property or another strategy-just follow someone who has got the results you want already.

It really is as simple as that. It’s called modelling. You model what they have done and you maximise your chances of success.

On the other hand- going it alone is filled with all the pitfalls and setbacks that plague any attempt to achieve a final goal.

You can bypass all that pain and go straight for the result you want. It’s a no brainer to attend this free life-changing event.

Picture This:

In a few short months, rather than fighting rush-hour traffic to get to work, you roll out of bed without the need for an alarm clock. After a leisurely breakfast, you make a 5-foot commute to your home office. You made $$$ while you were sleeping.

We’re going to show you that it’s not only possible, but easy to do. The scenario we’ve just described is not a fantasy, it’s a typical day in the life of someone who takes control of their finances.

Only a limited amount of seats are available...

Because of the popularity of these speakers and how powerful their techniques are... places are VERY limited. Just 250 max.

You need to act now to take advantage of this once in a lifetime opportunity for financial freedom and long term security.

Secure your seat while there is still time...

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This powerful physical Property and Wealth Gift Pack includes:

  • BRAND NEW, "Science of Getting Rich" Home Study Program - valued at $497
  • "21 Common Mistakes Property Buyers Make" 3-Disc DVD Series - valued at $147
  • "The Law Of Attraction In Property Investing" Audio CD - valued at $97
  • "As A Man Thinketh" - valued at $14.95
  • "Acres of Diamonds" - valued at $14.95
  • And So Much More!

Total value = $770

brand new bonus 2017
The Science Of Getting Rich

Arguably the most powerful information I have ever released! This is the ‘secret sauce’ I have used to build one of Australia’s leading wealth education companies. It consists of a 6-Disc CD Audio Recording Pack plus 320-page workbook with study questions and answers. This Home Study Program is life-changing in every way; physically, mentally, emotionally and financially!

*Important: To receive this particular bonus you must attend the entire event. The Science of Getting Rich Home Study Program is only available to attendees at our Ultimate Property & Cashflow Conference events in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth in March, Brisbane in April and Adelaide in June.

Additional Bonus


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DATE: Sat 11th & Sun 12th March 2017

VENUE: Sydney Boulevard Hotel (Grand Ballroom, Level 1)
90 William Street, Sydney NSW 2011

REGISTRATION: 8:00am Registration

TIMES: Sat: 9:00am - 8:30pm & Sun: 9:00am - 7:30pm

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DATE: Sat 18th & Sun 19th March 2017

VENUE: Bayview Eden (Parkside Room B, Level 1)
6 Queens Road, Melbourne VIC 3004

REGISTRATION: 8:00am Registration

TIMES: Sat: 9:00am - 8:30pm & Sun: 9:00am - 7:30pm

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DATE: Sat 25th & Sun 26th March 2017

VENUE: Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre (Meeting Room 1-3)
21 Mounts Bay Road, Perth WA 6000

REGISTRATION: 8:00am Registration

TIMES: Sat: 9:00am - 8:30pm & Sun: 9:00am - 7:30pm

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DATE: DATE: Sat 8th & Sun 9th April 2017

VENUE: Hotel Jen (Stradbroke Room, Level 5) 159 Roma Street, Brisbane QLD 4001

REGISTRATION: 8:00am Registration

TIMES: Sat: 9:00am - 8:30pm & Sun: 9:00am - 7:30pm

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Ultimate Property and Cashflow Conference

DATE: 24th & Sun 25th June 2017

VENUE: Adelaide Convention Centre,
(Riverbank Rooms 2-4, Lower Level) North Terrace,
Adelaide SA 5000

REGISTRATION: 8:00am Registration

TIMES: Sat: 9:00am - 8:30pm &amp Sun: 9:00am - 7:30pm


This VIP Pack includes:

  • Naomi Findlay's ‘Renovating Properties for Profit ROI’ 4-part Video Series – valued at $99
  • Naomi Findlay's ‘De-Clutter Program’ and ‘Clutter and Control References Guide’ – valued at $124
  • John Lindeman's ‘State Of The States’ 2017 Q2 Property Prediction Report – valued at $195
  • Bob Andersen's ‘How To Get Started In Property Development’ eBook – valued at $97
  • Mark Rolton's ‘Secrets To Unlocking Property Wealth’ eBook – valued at $97
  • Matt and Liz Raad's ‘Web Business Wizards - Secrets Of The World’s Best Website Investors’ Video Series – valued at $97
  • Sam Cawthorn's ‘The Best Of Sam Cawthorn’ 5-part Video Series – valued at $185

Total value = $894

UPGRADE NOW – become a VIP GUEST and immediately after you attend the 2-day event, you'll get these incredible VIP Bonuses delivered direct to your inbox – ALL FOR JUST $27!

But you must HURRY! Only 25% of the room is set aside for these very special VIP Upgrade tickets.

* NOTE: Your VIP Upgrade investment of just $27 is non-refundable and non-transferable.

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Take Control of Your Financial Future — Starting Today!

Now that I’ve shown you multiples no-risk ways to create financial freedom in your life... the next move is up to YOU.

Seriously, if you’ve read this far, you know that you have a strong interest in having the kind of life you really deserve. All that’s left is to take the action and come to this free event.

If you want to...

  • Stop gambling with your long term financial security...
  • Turn an ordinary life into something spectacular...
  • Take control of how much more income and free time you have (and stop trading time for money all the time)…

... Then, you owe it to yourself to take full advantage of this very limited, risk-free offer right now before it’s too late, as seats are filling up fast.

So do yourself and your bank balance a favour? Secure your free seat button today, won’t you? Click Here

I look forward to seeing you personally at the event.

To Your Success,

PS. I expect an avalanche of responses to this offer. Remember, this is a one-time opportunity where you will get access to the unique and powerful strategies that have created financial success for everyday Aussie's in record times. It’s important to hit the secure my free seat button right now so you don’t miss out!

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* All content and information provided at the Event is general advice and for educational purposes only. If you wish to make a particular investment or follow a particular strategy then you should consult a financial adviser to fully understand the risks associated with that course of action in your particular circumstances.

* The results performance represented on this website is historical; past performance is not a reliable indicator of future results.

Disclaimer General Notifications

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  2. Zadel Property Education may, with reasonable cause, refuse registration or entry to any individual, including any person considered to be attending for an improper purpose.
  3. No person under age 18 will be admitted (including no babies).
  4. The following are strictly prohibited: recording devices of any sort, laptops, iPads, advertising/sales literature, animals, illegal substances.
  5. Speakers and bonuses may be subject to change without notice.
  6. Your attendance shall constitute your acceptance that during the Event each speaker will be offering additional courses for purchase by participants. These courses will enable you to learn in greater detail how to put into practice the speaker’s strategies. These additional educational services will be offered for sale at the event and of course you are free to choose whether you want more information and wish to purchase the further services of the speaker.
  7. Zadel Property Education may record the Event. Your attendance shall constitute your approval for inclusion in the recording and your approval and permission to Zadel Property Education to make full use of the recording taken without any recourse to you.