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  • Are you searching for low-risk strategies to boost your success in the property market?
  • Have you already tried investing but didn't make as much money as you had hoped, or worse, lost money?
  • Are you drowning in debt having fallen into the negative-gearing trap?

I can personally tell you that I once answered ‘YES’ to all these questions - but I made an irrevocable decision to change my life. And I’m fairly certain that if you’re feeling familiar with any of them, you’ll want to change your life too.

If you do, then my National Tour for 2015 may be just what you need... Because I believe it’s possible to have more money than you’ll ever need, live more life than you ever dreamed of, and do more good than you ever felt you could. Period.

Would you like to know how?

My name is Stuart Zadel and I am the CEO & Founder of Zadel Property Education – a national Education Company with a vision to inspire a community of financially abundant Australians.

Today, I have some very important information for you that has already helped a great number of our clients achieve success and wealth across many areas of their lives.

In fact, thousands of fellow Australians have already accessed this information and now you can too – at my one-of-a-kind “Ultimate Property Entrepreneur & Investors Conference”.

I say “one-of-a-kind” because at this event, the unique and powerful strategies used by 6 of Australia’s leading entrepreneurs to generate cashflow and manufacture capital growth and profits in today’s market will be revealed. And you simply won’t find these experts sharing their strategies in the one place, at the one time, anywhere else.

These strategies are what I call the ‘NEW’ way because quite frankly… I don’t believe the ‘old’ way of buy, hold, hope and pray is going to get us there anymore… Or even worse, relying on negative gearing!

Unlike negative gearing, the strategies presented at my conference don't take 30 years... In my opinion, these are collectively some of the most powerful ways today to:

  • Manufacture capital growth
  • Maximise your potential returns
  • Establish additional income streams
  • Lessen your exposure time in the market
  • Realise your profit potential when you buy
  • Minimise your overall risk & protect what you’ve already created
  • Utilise property and/or shares as a vehicle to generate additional income

But above and beyond that, you will discover that wealth isn’t just about money. Wealth is about your entire life – health, relationships, work life & more – and it can all be transformed simply by making an irrevocable choice and accessing the right information.

All of this means that you can attend this event, then set the intention to work less in your “day job” and start living more life!

Plus, when you attend you’ll learn more about the Experts' popular courses & workshops, which will be offered for optional purchase at the event.

But I must warn you… we have already accepted a lot of bookings, so make sure you secure your seat today because I can’t guarantee when an event with this exact line-up of educators will be back – if ever!

Check out some feedback from people who attended this event:

Wouldn’t you like to discover what Bruce & Lucina have? Well now you can…

Here’s a sneak peak of what you’ll discover:

As seen on TV... Celebrity TV Renovator shares key points from her 8-step strategy on how to renovate old properties and flip or rent them for a profit! She will be jetting off the USA to film for a major TV network at the end of the year, so your chance to see her this year after the event are slim.

Mrs. Real Estate Rescue teaches her concepts and ideas on how to make your fortune buying distressed property up to 40% below market value... In Australia! This special expert also returns, and shares insights into how you can protect your wealth and assets and reduce the risk on any venture – something that is commonly overlooked by regular Australians.

Mr. Property Market Analyst explains the detailed insights into market trends, indicators, housing dynamics and basic principles that you can work off to understand which way certain markets are likely to go.

Mr. Billion Dollar Developer shares insights from over 34 years experience in the property development industry as he explains his blue print to success – 'The Profitable Profit System'.

Mr. Cashflow Without Tenants takes the property investment concept and shows you how you can ‘earn monthly income without tenants’ in as little as one hour per month by applying his unique and innovative share market trading strategy combining Covered Call Writing with CFD’s. Unlike many others, he places a fundamental focus on downside risk protection.

I (Stuart Zadel) – your MC and mentor for the weekend – will be sharing my experiences as a successful property entrepreneur and valuable insights into the world of business, property, wealth creation and personal success!

Do you feel that access to this information could not only make you 10’s of thousands of $$ but also save you 10’s of thousands of $$ too?

Let’s face it, the majority of us will be buying at least one property in our lifetime (even if it’s just our own home) and implementing this information could save or make you thousands on that one transaction alone.

So may I suggest you fast-track your knowledge and click the button below to secure your complimentary seat right now:

Here is some more feedback from clients who attended this year:


At the event, my team of experts aim is to:

  • Inspire and educate those who have a genuine desire to become financially independent through property investment and/or share trading.
  • Clearly and concisely reveal information about the strategies they have used to achieve great success during their respective careers.
  • Give you insights as to how you may be able to ramp up the speed at which you can generate profit from your property investments, both current and future.
  • Share ideas on how you may be able to escape the burden of large debts and negatively geared properties that may be losing you money, year after year.
  • Empower you with tips and tools to achieve the mindset and realistic expectations required to achieve the above - as we simply don’t believe in a ‘Get-Rich-Quick’ solution!

Remember, you cannot learn from these experts at School, Tafe or University. In my opinion, the only people capable of teaching this information ethically and openly are out there in the trenches living it. And after 7 years of running national events, I’ve assembled who I believe to be the best educators, all in one place, at the one time.

Before we meet them, you can be guaranteed they're all Australians, whose strategies and tools have been developed for the Australian market. The vast majority of their wealth has been made by investing in Australia - unlike many foreign property speakers who preach strategies that may work overseas, but have never actually invested in Australia.

So now, let’s meet your Mastermind Team of Experts...

Cherie Barber

Currently referred to as 'Australia's Renovation Queen', Cherie Barber needs very little introduction. She is a regular TV renovator and one of Australia's most highly sought-after public speakers and educators on the subject of property renovation.

Cherie is a self-made, highly successful renovator and has established great success during her career in property and now wealth education. She continues to expand her footprint on the industry through educational workshops and specialist renovations, several of which are featured in the media.

Cherie has personally trained thousands of Australians in the art and science of renovating for profit through her workshops and now juggles renovating with national public speaking, media and television commitments, as well as being an inspiration to her daughter and many other single mums.

If you’re interested in learning how to buy properties and unlock potential cash profits by renovating residential property for a profit, your search should end here.

John Lindeman

John Lindeman is widely respected as one of Australia's leading property market analysts with well over  a decade of experience researching the nature and dynamics of the housing market.

John regularly provides presentations, commissioned reports and other research services on the nature and direction of the residential property market for property industry leaders. His extensive property knowledge is complimented by around 40 years' experience as a successful property investor. 

John is frequently seen as the market researcher that property experts go to for detailed insights into  the Australian housing market. John's monthly column on housing market research has featured in Australian Property Investor Magazine for over three years.

John is a regular contributor to property investment e-newsletters and programs such as Kevin Turner's Real Estate Talk, Alan Kohler's Eureka Report among others, and is the author of the landmark best selling book for property investors, Mastering the Australian Housing Market published by Wrightbooks.

Dominique Grubisa

Dominique Grubisa is a highly skilled debt and commercial law specialist, with a Master of Laws and experience in the industry spanning 20 years. She has actively practised as a Barrister and Solicitor, and worked at the coalface on behalf of both creditors and debtors.

In addition to being a highly qualified lawyer, Dominique is also a well-respected property entrepreneur, author & public educator, and is developing a community of skilful, successful and savvy investors.

Dominique has been featured favourably in the Australian Media, most notably on A Current Affair, Today Tonight, The Circle & Prime News.

Dominique is the author of two educational books titled "Managing Debt: Turning Your Finances Around” and “Getting to Ex: Taking Control of your Divorce”. She has also featured heavily in the first two editions of Stuart Zadel’s book – “The New Way To Make Money In Property Fast”.

With an established legal career behind her, Dominique has become heavily involved as a public educator on property and wealth. Dominique’s focus represents a strong desire to set a good example for her three children, whom she is currently raising with her loving husband.

She is a humble educator and presents her unique strategy backed with powerful content in a relaxed teaching style that is engaging and enjoyable.

Bob Anderson

Bob Anderson has worked in the property investment and development industry for over 34 years and been involved with more than $1 billion worth of property development projects. He is the CEO of a nationally recognised development company that typically works on deals valued from $50 million.

Bob has been featured in Australian Property Investor Magazine as their resident development expert - during which time he structured the successful series ‘The Small Development Guide’ where he was quoted extensively throughout. He is also the co-author of the book: ‘Residential Real Estate Development: A Practical Guide For Beginners To Experts.’

Fast becoming one of the most recognised property investment educators in the industry, Bob continues to grow his community of successful developers through highly informative events and workshops. If you're looking for step-by-step guides to get into what is considered by many as the most lucrative area of property, Bob is your man...

Daniel Kertcher

Daniel Kertcher has developed an international profile as both a first-class educator and  trading expert, with more than 20 years in both property and the financial markets.

Throughout his illustrious career, Daniel has presented educational seminars to audiences  across the globe and has been featured on some of the most high profile stages in the world.

Daniel is the Founder and CEO of a financial markets trading education company that  conducts training courses Australia-wide and internationally.

He has also authored several books including the top-selling ‘Taming the Beasts: Secrets  to Profit in Volatile Bull and Bear Markets’ and he and his team currently manage more  than $27 million in a registered Australian investment fund. Most fund managers don’t  educate, and most educators don’t manage funds, making Daniel a unique and engaging  speaker who really walks the talk.

Daniel keeps sensible risk management techniques at the forefront of everything he does. All of his strategies are designed so they can be quickly and easily implemented even if you are a complete beginner.

His clear, concise and easy-to-grasp method of teaching makes him an appealing mentor for those who are looking to take the next step in their journey towards financial fulfilment.

Stuart Zadel

Stuart Zadel is one of Australia’s freshest wealth education experts and teaches thousands of Australians annually from his vast knowledge and experience in leadership, entrepreneurship and most importantly, your mindset for success.

Your MC and mastermind behind the conference will reveal teachings from his extremely popular book ‘The New Way To Make Money In Property Fast!’, as well as his foundations for success in the new economy.

You will also discover why many of our clients credit his ability to “tell it how it is” as the catalyst for them creating lasting results across many areas of their lives.

Not only does Stuart provide the platform for you to learn from all of the featured experts in the one place at the one time, he’s also committed to seeing regular everyday Aussies thrive in today’s market, which in turn helps him achieve his company’s ‘5 big contribution goals’ – that you’ll also learn more about when you attend the event.

So there you have it!

My hand-picked team of property and financial experts, all assembled in one place at one time with one objective – to help you become more successful than your wildest dreams.

Now imagine this… If you follow the strategies used by people who are already successful in the area you want to excel at, isn’t your likelihood of success surely much higher? Do you think it makes sense that you too could generate a positive outcome by following the right strategy, provided you have some level of desire?

Well I’m confident these graduates of our expert’s programs would agree… Check out their results below!

Wayne from Perth was working in the printing business for years before attending one of our expert’s Workshops. After applying our expert’s strategies and coaching, he managed to pick up this modest little property for $233,000 - despite having a market value of $350,000.

That is a discount of 33% and instant equity of $117,000! He then renovated the property and on-sold it to a happy home owner for a very tidy profit.

Ray from Sydney spent most of his career as a bricklayer, up until meeting one of our experts... Since attending our expert’s Workshop, Ray snagged this investment property valued at $510,000 for only $315,000.

For Ray, the instant $195,000 equity and 38% discount sure beats laying bricks for a living!

And these two are just the tip of the iceberg... you would likely be amazed if I told you how many of our graduates have gone on to achieve success!

If securing your financial future and achieving results like this is important to you, then may I recommend you make a decision today that you will be at my Ultimate Property Entrepreneur and Investors Conference National Tour for 2015... that you’ll travel if you need to, move prior commitments, have the kids minded or even re-schedule work.

Because if nothing changes...nothing changes.

2015 can be your year, but only if you hurry! Let’s face it, the clock is ticking and I can’t guarantee that these speakers will be available again!


At this event, you will see that we look at success and wealth holistically. It’s not just about the strategy by itself, but the mindset that accompanies it. I highly doubt you will ever attend another event like it.

And you can lap it up, all the action, insights and every last word, all at no cost to you.

Oh I nearly forgot. You can also feel safe knowing we don’t sell property; we never have and likely never will. We believe in comprehensive self-education so that you can source and secure your own deals, empowering you to create and control your own results…

So, you may be thinking and asking yourself this question… Why is this incredible information being offered for free?

Well that’s simple...

I’ve personally experienced the pain of negative gearing, but now I know the power of education and choosing the right strategy, I am committed to sharing it with you.

However, here is all I ask in return… I want you to take the knowledge you receive on the 2 days and use it immediately to get started in the ‘NEW’ way in property… or to improve your current investments... or to get out of debt.

Some people feel they want to learn more. Many are more than happy to walk away with the insights they've gained on the day to create cashflow or equity, minimise debt or simply strengthen their financial foundation.

So, if you are one of those people that wants access to further education, more expertise and detail around implementing the strategies… You'll be pleased to know that the experts will also be offering the opportunity to purchase their renowned courses which typically includes materials, workshop/bootcamp and/or support programs.

But this is entirely 100% up to you. No worries, no fuss and no hard sales tactics.

The only caveat is – YOU NEED TO ACT TODAY... as in right now.

Because I simply can’t guarantee that these seats will be available when you might happen to revisit this site. These experts are in high demand and coordinating their schedules is a big task… and when we come back in the New Year, it is not certain that this line up will still be the same.

Secure your seats today - and make sure you meet me in person when you attend.


DATE: Saturday 7th & Sunday 8th March 2015
VENUE: Sydney Boulevard Hotel (Grand Ballroom)
90 William Street, Sydney NSW 2011

REGISTRATION: 8:15am Saturday
TIMES: Sat: 9:00am - 8:30pm & Sun: 9:00am - 7:30pm


DATE: Saturday 14th & Sunday 15th March 2015
VENUE: Hotel Jen, (Formerly Traders Hotel)
(Stradbroke Room) 159 Roma Street, Brisbane QLD 4001

REGISTRATION: 8:15am Saturday
TIMES: Sat: 9:00am - 8:30pm & Sun: 9:00am - 7:30pm


DATE: Saturday 21st & Sunday 22nd March 2015
VENUE: Bayview Eden (Parkside Room B)
6 Queens Road, Melbourne VIC 3004

REGISTRATION: 8:15am Saturday
TIMES: Sat: 9:00am - 8:30pm & Sun: 9:00am - 7:30pm


DATE: Saturday 28th & Sunday 29th March 2015
VENUE: Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre (Meeting Rooms 1-3)
21 Mounts Bay Road, Perth WA 6000

REGISTRATION: 8:15am Saturday
TIMES: Sat: 9:00am - 8:30pm & Sun: 9:00am - 7:30pm


DATE: Saturday 11th & Sunday 12th July 2015
VENUE: Adelaide Convention Centre,
North Terrace Adelaide SA 5000

REGISTRATION: 8:15am Saturday
TIMES: Sat: 9:00am - 8:30pm & Sun: 9:00am - 7:30pm

Yes Stuart, I want to register my seats immediately & I understand
there will be an option to invest in further education at the event for a fee.

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When you attend the event, you have the opportunity to win prizes… Plus over the course of the weekend you’ll collect your very own physical ‘Property Entrepreneur Starter Pack’ as well as other surprise gifts! This information provides valuable take home reminders to continue your learning…

Success Leaves Clues… Are You Going To Find Them?

It can be said that there are two ways to do things in life - the smart way and the not-so-smart way.

A wise man once said to me, “Once you have spent your money, you can always make it back but once you’ve spent your time, it’s gone forever”.

That message - combined with my first statement “success leaves clues” - has inspired me to create an event that can help Australians achieve success without wasting their time doing things the not-so-smart way.

This event is the culmination of my 20+ years of research and business experience that I am offering to you in my personal mission to bring greater financial awareness to the wider Australian community.

All the hard work has been done and now it’s your turn to indulge in these experts’ knowledge and experience.

They are all been greatly successful doing the things they teach, and continue to inspire many others to achieve similar successes, so why look anywhere else?

If You Dream Of A Day When…

  • You are financially independent through your property and/or share investment strategies...
  • You are making regular income that supports your lifestyle...
  • You have the time and energy to spend time with family and do the things you love...

…Then this 2-Day event may be your one-way ticket to true, lasting happiness!

I look forward to meeting you at the Ultimate Property Entrepreneur & Investors conference in the city closest to you...

Warm regards,


P.S. We don't sell DVD's or recordings of this event. So your only chance to learn from this experienced group of experts in one place is to be there live. Take advantage of this opportunity and register now.